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Webster’s describes communion as “an act or instance of sharing”. 


It is a sharing of a common faith and coming together in commemoration of the gift of salvation we received from Jesus at his death on the cross.


The communion service includes prayer and partaking of bread and wine or grape juice.  Songs of praise, thankfulness and worship are sung.   


The bread and wine are the symbols of Christ’s body and blood.  The bread is broken just before eating it symbolizing how Christ’s body was broken on the cross.  The wine symbolizes Christ’s blood which came from his wounds.


God sent Jesus to earth so that he would live among us and then be put to death.  His death allows us access to God.  Jesus’ death put an end to the Old Testament rituals which were our only way to God. 


Communion is a celebration of what Jesus did for us.  His selfless act of great torment allows us to be assured of eternal life after we ask Jesus into our heart and live a life following his example.

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